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how to distinguish between male and female neon tetra

Many aquarist have curosity to know difference between male and female neon tetras. Also for carrying out breeding systematically and effectively it is important to identify between both. To know difference between male and female neon tetra you have to keep following points in mind. Female neon tetra have more rounder and bigger belly as compared to male. The blue line on the body of males will be straight while blue line on females seems to bent because of their round body. When female carries eggs her belly size increases and she looks even more thicker. By looking in the given neon tetra picture you can get some idea.

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Tip of the day:
 Many of the fishes are victim of stress. Due to stress many fatal diseases like itch can outbreak. People are in habit of keeping their fish tank free from plants, caves or rocks. Due to which the fishes present in it feel vulnerable and threatened. So always provide some hidings in form of aquarium decorations.